NWBC History

The History of New Work Baptist Church

New Work Baptist Church was formed by former members of Double Branches Baptist Church who felt a new work in the county was needed to reach out with the Good News and welcome all people regardless of race, color, social or economic status; and to create an atmosphere where all can mature spiritually and vigorously reach the lost in the county and beyond.

The church was constituted on August 12, 1998, in a meeting at the Lincolnton Club House with 56 in attendance. It was decided to use the temporary name of New Work Community Church for the opening of a bank account and other business until a permanent building location was established in case the church wanted to include the geographic location in the permanent name.

On August 19, 1998, the church called Rodney Pierce as its first Pastor. He served until October 1998.

Charles Swann served as Interim Pastor from October 1998 until the church voted to call him as full-time pastor in March 1999. Pastor Swann served until April 2002.

The Church purchased a seven acre tract of land on Double Branches Road on August 12, 1999 which had been offered to the church as a potential building site.

October 3, 1999 the church voted for the permanent name to be New Work Baptist Church.

Easter Sunrise Service was held on the church property in April 2000. This was a very impressive service with those attending gathered around a large rugged cross erected by men of the church.

Construction of the building began in January 2001. Many contractors worked toward completing the building. Also, many members, regular visitors, and interested people volunteered countless hours toward completion of the church building.

New Work Baptist Church was admitted to the Augusta Association of Baptist Churches in October 25, 2001. Warren Baptist Church was contacted and agreed to act as our mentor.

From August 1998 through April 2002, the Lord always provided a meeting place.  The majority of our services were held at the Lincoln Center; and other times we met at the Lincolnton Club House, Faith Temple Fellowship Hall, and Camp Daniel Marshall.  The first regular service was held in the new building on January 16, 2002. At that time there was no floor covering, no heating, no ceiling tiles, no inside doors, no painting and only one toilet. Services were held off and on until April 21, 2002, when the church permanently moved to the new building at 4900 Double Branches Road.

God always provided us with a visiting minister to fill the pulpit from April to July 2002.  At the July 2002 business meeting the Pastor Search Committee recommended calling Russell Davis as our Pastor. The church voted to extend the call to Russell. He served as pastor until August 2009.

As of August 11, 2002, our 4th anniversary, the current membership was 90 members. The average attendance for the year in Sunday School was 26 with 47 in Morning Worship.

During 2003 and 2004 work began and was completed for the upstairs Sunday School rooms, the stairs were built and the balcony which seats 55 was completed.  The Gazebo, the steeple and the church sign were donated, a portable baptism was purchased and the picnic tables were built. 

In December of 2009 New Work Baptist Church voted to have Jerry Owens became our full time pastor. 

The history of this church will also grow as we look toward the future.  We have been blessed by God over these last 18 years and have seen many changes.